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LinkSmile Publisher Services

Welcome to LinkSmile - the #1 most powerful ad management solution


If you are a webmaster and have ad space to offer, get ready for a treat !!

We only make money if you make sales, and we give back nearly twice as much as link brokers! If you are a "newbie" to SEO, Text Links, and terms such as PageRank; read our "Beginner Guide" first.

Up until now, you've most likely been managing your advertisements by hand (especially for direct text links on HTML pages) or you have been limited to banner ads and -what we call- "traffic-only" links.

We highly recommend "traffic-only" links (non-search engine friendly) for bringing traffic to web sites, but webmasters not catering to the growing SEO market are missing out.

A few of the webmaster benefits of using LinkSmile:

  • We handle all billing, reminders, ad configuration, etc for you

  • (Free) Fully automated ad management (even on HTML pages!)

  • Complete control of ads placed using our ad approval options

  • Fully customize the ad integration with look-and-feel of your site

  • (Free) Manage your outside sales using our management system

  • and many more features...

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Or ...continue on for an overview:

As many of you know, banners ads have been dying out; but there has been a resurgence in that type of advertising of late. For certain sites, this is a great source of extra revenue. Traffic-only links have begun to take hold and many webmasters are now using this method to drive the highest quality of traffic to their sites at a low price point. And, of course, there is the recent boom in SEO-links or direct text links.

As webmasters struggle to find ways to earn more online, they have begun to discover the potential for increased traffic from a well designed and wisely implemented linking strategy,and so the SEO market has really taken off.

For years, the market has been cornered by only those webmasters with enough time and resources to manage link campaigns for their customers, those willing to share 50% of their revenue with text link brokers OR those with enough patience to deal with direct link auctions.

Well, increased competition and higher commission demands in the market has caused more turnover and higher costs and the "gurus" are facing higher costs of maintenance on top of that. This comes while the "little guy" finds it difficult to find any buyers and has trouble keeping them -due to inexperience.

LinkSmile now offers lowered overhead for those "gurus" and removes the barrier to entry for the "average joe" and everyone in-between. What's even better is that we have gone to pain-staking lengths to ensure that we have taken this typically overwhelming process and made it easy and understandable for all.

...and, yes... it is FREE to join and our commission structure is the best around! ;)


The breakdown:

For banner ad and traffic-only link placement, our system will provide you with a single line of javascript code to place anywhere in your site. For direct link management, we have developed a new technology that allows you to have your links on all pages (even HTML!) on any site managed automatically. There is no need for special access or even FTP access! So, your site remains secure and under your control.

In today's online market, the web is plagued by scam and spam web sites. Search engines are making a huge push to get rid of them -despite which honest sites get crushed. So, it is left up to the webmaster to be careful about what methods of advertising and SEO methods they employ.

Many sites nowadays are fed the promise of big money from direct text link brokers, and they do not realize (or do not care) that because they focus only on selling "pagerank" (which technically does not belong to them); they risk their search rankings and those of their customers.

In most cases, sites showing the easily detectable "link farms" placed on sites by link brokers simply do not pass any pagerank; and eventually the advertisers learn this and move on. We believe and have been pushing the ideas that it is infinitely better to buy banners/direct text links that bring traffic -not pagerank- and let the SEO aspect be a very nice side benefit.

There are only 10 top ten spots for a given phrase, right? So, that's not much of a guarantee. Why not buy a link that you know will bring traffic, and in time will help boost your rankings too?!

Rest assured that a major focus of LinkSmile's program is to protect the properties of our clients. We understand that your business relies on not being "tagged" as a spam site. Competing services in this field are making a strong push to get as many links on as many sites as possible -with little regard for the eventual outcome.

We go through extra steps to ensure that our honest publisher sites are not unfairly labeled, and we do not endorse webmasters using our ad placement technology to spam search engines. So, to that end, we do very closely monitor use of our code and check up on sites. Any sites found to be spamming search engines will be immediately terminated from our program!

Our encryption technology allows us to deactivate code for any offending webmasters. Furthermore, we will gladly work with any search engine to maintain integrity of web sites and search results.



For banner ads and traffic-only links to show, the requirements are:

- simple copy/paste method. Uses javascript.

For direct link placement and management, the requirements are:

- Any file to be managed set to default 644 permissions (very secure)
- Hosting type must be: FreeBSD, Linux, or Windows (95% of all hosts)
- Host supports PHP version 4.1.0 or higher (95% of all hosts)
- Host supports Zend Optimizer 2.5.5+ (95% of all hosts)
- Use a CRON job (watch tutorial) to keep all links up to date

...and, that's it, folks!

Our core technology and the encompassing system are designed to be extremely flexible, powerful, and yet easy-to-use. We hope that LinkSmile will be your exclusive choice for maintaining and safely selling ad space on any and all of your web sites.


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Last Modified: 2007-11-02
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