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Text Link Ad and Banner Ad Examples

LinkSmile Approved Text Link Ad and Banner Ad

Text Link Ads
Banner Ad (120x600)

Ideally, the best text link ads are placed above-the-fold within the content or in positions that will yield quality, relevant traffic. Some webmasters offer direct links that increase link popularity and some offer links that are equally suited for traffic and brand recognition.

Selling links and banners is not a new idea, and is a cornerstone of the Internet for companies cross-selling related products and services.


Premium, In-Article Text Link Ads

Premium, In-Article Text Link Ads

Premium, In-Article Text Link Ad

Before the web became such a competitive place, webmasters would link to content they felt was worthy. Those days are almost gone, and now it is almost unheard of to get a link to even the highest quality content.

With LinkSmile, you may find quality text link ads within articles that are relevant and will provide the best traffic money can buy. The site owner will review your web site, and if your content matches their article; then you will be able to get the high quality link that only ancient, typically out-of-date web sites got back when linking was done more freely.

*Note: The example shown here is not a "paid link", but these types of in-article text links are the most natural and effective in attracting visitor click-throughs from people reading articles on related websites..


Typical, Footer Text Link Ads

Footer Style Text Link Ads

Typical, Footer Text Link Ads

*While many SEO firms will push these types of text links, they are not good for long-term campaigns (nor traffic) and are not considered of any value by LinkSmile marketers. Therefore, LinkSmile will not offer footer links for sale within its inventory -except under rare circumstances.

However, there is a market for text link footer ads, so we recommend you visit Text Link Brokerage if you are interested in those types of ads.


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