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'LinkSmile Approved' Guidelines

The guidelines for being listed within our inventory are as follows:

- Site must NOT engage in ANY form of search engine spam

- Site must place seo-friendly Text Link ads in prime locations (not in the footer)*

- Site must have a visually appealing look-and-feel and functional navigation

- Site must have unique content and not be "made-for-adsense"

- Site must have at least 25 visitors / day

- Our editors must be able to easily locate where ads will be placed**

*Prime locations are defined as "above-the-fold" for most sites. The exceptions would be high-traffic sites or authority sites where the existing layout prohibits above-the-fold links. However, in those cases, the links should still have a prominent below-the-fold spot that is not simply hidden or stuck in the footer of the site.

**If you are having trouble installing our link management code (DLink Manager) or need help with the javascript code, please take a look at our visual tutorials or contact us for assistance.

Our editors are always busily working to approve all sites as quickly as they are added and set to active. However, this process sometimes requires a few days.

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Last Modified: 2007-10-10

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