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Dispelling the Myths about LinkSmile


Myth: Selling Text Links will get my site banned

Not true at all. It is not the selling of Text Links that will get your site banned; it is selling to those that are blatantly trying to manipulate search rankings that may get your site banned.

In fact, selling Text Links is a natural progression of online advertising because it is a known fact that text links perform better than banners for click-throughs. It is also known that "link popularity" is a key factor in helping determine site rankings, so it has become a fine line of what is acceptable or not.

Learn more in our article titled: "Don't Fear The Google"...

We -unlike typical text link brokers- do not simply push footer text link ads (examples).

In brief, it is very risky to sell Text Links to "questionable" sites such as gambling, adult, prescription, etc. There are two reasons that this is the case:

1. in most cases, those types of site webmasters tend to trade links with anyone, cheat others, and link out to "bad neighborhoods" themselves -simply to get top search engine rankings

2. also, it is almost always the case that those types of sites have little to no unique content -which makes them worthless to searchers and search engines. So, their manipulation of search rankings only benefits them and can harm your site because their high listing hurts search engine credibility

LinkSmile offers sellers the ability to specify up-front whether or not their site accepts gambling, prescription, adult, and/or PR0 sites. Read more about how to offer Text Link Advertising Safely.

Myth: I am a broker, so LinkSmile won't deal with me.

If you are a broker and manage a network of sites, we may -in most cases- be willing to work with you AND offer a better commission structure (inquire within).

Myth: I also use similar sites to sell inventory, so LinkSmile won't deal with me.

LinkSmile has no problem with you using another "marketplace" to sell your ad spots. We are interested in your success, and the more exposure your sites get; the more successful they can be. If you are a broker and manage a network of sites, we may be willing to work with you AND offer a better commission structure (inquire within).

Myth: My site is HTML-based, and I've been told automating links on HTML pages isn't possible.

In the past, this was true.

There is an inherent limitation with HTML that keeps typical include technologies from being able to automatically manage Text Links on those HTML pages.

However, LinkSmile has pioneered the technology for managing Text Links on any types of pages using a universal tool we call the "DLink Manager", and it allows for more freedom from managing links -all while providing the most robust, reliable, and secure link publishing method online today.

Myth: LinkSmile's system is too "techie" for me

For such a complex system, our system and user-interface designers have gone to great lengths to make it user-friendly and intuitive.

If you want to sell typical banner ads and javascript-delivered text links, then the process is simple. You only need to configure your site/ads in our system and place one line of code in your pages.

If you want to manage SEO-friendly Text Links, we offer a LOT of helpful tutorials, help, and even visual guides. If you still have questions, we can assist you or add your sites for you!

Myth: LinkSmile is just another banner exchange or banner ad network (like Fastclick)

Not even close. LinkSmile is an advertising marketplace that offers media such as SEO Text Link Ads, javascript-delivered Text Link Ads, and javascript-delivered Banner Ads. Banner Advertising is only a small portion of LinkSmile's repertoire.

LinkSmile is also centered around its proprietary, first-to-market technology that automatically manages SEO Text Links on any site -even on HTML pages.

Myth: LinkSmile is just another Text Link ad network (like marketbanker / AdBrite)

LinkSmile offers the same service as AdBrite, but AdBrite does not offer SEO-friendly Text Links nor automated billing and management of advertising sold via 3rd party avenues -which LinkSmile does.

AdBrite (formerly marketbaner) and others that deliver text links using a javascript-delivery method (or similar) merely sell -what we call- Traffic Only Links. These text links offer no SEO benefit, and although sometimes very worthwhile, do not offer the dual benefit of traffic PLUS potential search rankings boost.

LinkSmile pioneered the technology to go beyond the typical text link ads and has brought the ability to every webmaster to have SEO Text Links managed automatically. No more headache and no more overhead.

That said, we have tried purchasing from AdBrite on a couple of occasions and although our payment was accepted (and never refunded), we never once saw our ads placed or appear on the target website. We never heard back to our emails.

Myth: LinkSmile is a Text Link broker service (like Positioned1 / Text-Link-Ads)

LinkSmile is a text link broker in the most strict definition of the term. This is because LinkSmile acts as an intermediary to bring buyers and sellers together.

However, we do not market nor position ourselves as a text link broker service because of the following key reasons:

  • LinkSmile fees are significantly less than traditional brokers
  • LinkSmile caps fees for each domain (learn more). You never pay more than that per domain. That's HUGE savings for many webmasters!
  • LinkSmile does not require FTP or secure access to your server to maintain links
  • Sellers are not bound to a single pricing structure; Sellers control their own pricing.

LinkSmile also differs greatly in that banner ads and standard javascript-delivered ads are optional components each seller may utilize to further enhance revenue.

Myth: LinkSmile's Text Link delivery system will limit my control

You will be very pleasantly surprised with the power and flexibility of our system.

For both SEO Text Link Ads and javascript-delivered Text Links, you may configure:

- the layout (standard table or vertical column),
- width of the table (horizontal format),
- color of the link title*,
- length of the link title
- color of the description text (may be different)*,
- length of the description (zero-length to disable completely),
- option to change or remove the "Place Your Ad Here!" link,
- color of the "Place Your Ad Here!" link,
- text of the "Place Your Ad Here!" link to say something else,
- custom match tags in your pages (to disguise even using our system),
- pre-pend custom code before each URL output**,
- append custom code after each URL output**

*if no color is specified, we will attempt to inherit the CSS/HTML settings for that page.
**with custom code, you can control spacing (with <br> tags), font, or any HTML property. You could even place javascript, DHTML, or any type of web coding before/after each URL. Possibilities are endless.

Myth: I want to automate Ad placement, but I want to wait to install code so I can approve sales

There is no reason to wait to install our management technology. You are welcome to do so, but getting it out of the way early-on will keep you from having to do it at the last minute when you make a sale.

As a seller, you will have TOTAL control over ads placed on your site.

You can choose one of three options:

- Manual Approval (default): you get an email, log in, click approve/deny on each sale
- Pre-approval Required: users must send ad information before they can even buy
- Automatic (not recommended): any ad sold will go live immediately

You will be notified at every step, and you maintain control through all steps.


If you still have questions, please check out FAQ or our SEO Forums


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Last Modified: 2007-09-15

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