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Truth about Advertising Online

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Online advertising has been going down the tubes for quite some time now. We know because the founders of LinkSmile have been making their living (barely) off of Internet marketing for years. After much frustration, it was decided to launch a better way to do things. And, the concept for LinkSmile was born.

LinkSmile doesn't specifically target search engine rankings nor simply boosting traffic. Instead, we take a "Big Picture" approach with a focus upon driving qualified leads and sales. This is how business should be done. So, our advertising and marketing is intended to be custom-tailored to your business with the twist that you do not pay us anything for this service. We are able to offer our services at no cost to you because we earn our money off of commissions and negotiated rates that in many cases get passed along to you anyway!

In short, we offer a way for those who want a "do it yourself" marketplace to buy and sell online with a free advertising account. However, for those who want a a helping hand, a safety net, or even just friendly advice; we will employ a variety of online advertising methods made effective by our specialists who have "been there; done that" in the marketing world. Let our experience work for you and drive new sales.

Here's a breakdown of various ways to advertise online:

Buying Text Links

The problem with buying text links and banner ads is that the market over the past few years has become saturated with webmasters who place "advertisements" or "sponsored links" in parts of the site that will never receive any real traffic. These are known as "footer" links or "ad blocks." They will rarely -if ever- pay for themselves in direct traffic or sales, and people buy them in the hopes that it will boost search engine rankings. In some cases, it does... for awhile.

We do allow a handful of our publishers (i.e. advertising sellers) to join -even if they are selling these types of links. The only reason we allow them to join is because the market is currently set in its ways AND because we at least then have an opportunity to convince them to offer more effective advertising options for our customers.

We focus on the long term objective... the success of your business. We buy and sell advertising that should drive enough pre-qualified and relevant traffic that it pays for itself. If you get a search engine benefit, that's great! However, we view that as a bonus and not as a focus.

It may sound like we're going against the norm, and we definitely are. We know what works, and our clients tend to increase their budgets once they see a direct increase in leads generated from their advertising.


All of the pay-per-click (PPC) sites (that are large enough to actually send traffic) are so plagued with fraud that it is no longer cost effective, and there is little to nothing that can be done about it. Our primary business model eliminates click fraud issues and we will -in many cases- also manage a PPC campaign on behalf of our customers. This, we do, because we know how to make the most of PPC. Additionally, we monitor results and show ROI to help with budget decisions moving forward.

Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is no longer very effective -especially due to ISPs now blocking more legitimate mail than spam! Buying traffic from the LinkSmile network is also much safer and keeps you from being tagged as a spammer and losing your hosting altogher! However, an email marketing campaign can be extremely effective once a list is built and maintained. Honestly, though, the most cost (and time)-effective way to email a list is to pay someone else to send targeted, opt in emails to a list they build and maintain. These are offered by many companies who are credible and lend their credibility to you ...for a fee. This can be very effective, and with sufficient budget is something we do recommend to our customers.

Buying Bulk Traffic

Buying "visitors" from traffic sites is worthless. We have tried every one that we could find, and after extensive testing; we have found that only a few had any conversions, and even those did not even cover the costs.

Buying Expired Traffic

Buying expired traffic is a great idea in theory, but you have to buy the expired domains yourself -which is a tricky game and is also plagued with scammers who will take your money and never deliver the domain. The alternative is to bid at auction for expiring domains and spend thousands for any domains that are even remotely worthwhile. Sites claiming to sell expired traffic have never converted for our advertising campaigns.



As an advertiser at LinkSmile, you will receive a one-on-one style of customer service. The price of advertising on any given site we offer is typically a substantial amount lower than you would find elsewhere. This is because our fees are so low to the seller, making it possible for them to charge less. We also strictly monitor web sites in our network to be sure they conform to quality standards.

So, in closing, we should mention that while we do not "focus" on search engine rankings, you can expect a significant boost in search engine traffic simply because you are promoting your business and presenting new ways for search engines to find you and see your site as valuable.

A few of the advertiser benefits of using LinkSmile:

  • Safe to buy and sell. LinkSmile protects your websites by ensuring each listing adheres to our stringent quality policies.
  • Easy to use, but comprehensive 'real-time' inventory system
  • If you need help, you can call us! 888-763-6797

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