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Dedicated Stores FAQ

Text Link Ads Store

Q. What is a Dedicated Store?

A. A dedicated store is a store containing only the inventory you choose.

Features / Benefits
Basic Store
PRO Store
Receive monthly paypal payments for sales
Listings earn high 60% payout on sales
Listings earn high 70% payout on sales
Listings earn high 80% payout on sales
Commission CAP per domain!*
Fully automate text link ad management
Supports static text links (even on HTML)
Offer multiple payment methods**
Manage own, internal linking (FREE)
Approval options for new ad sales
Streamline “change requests” and support
Automate renewal emails and expirations
Easily manage your inventory and ad sales
Easily communicate with your buyers
Allow buyers to buy and manage ads easily
Customize ad integration for your site(s)
Offer packages across multiple sites/pages
Easy ad config immediately after purchase
Buyers may store ads for quick config
Match notifications on new sites added
Approval system for new sites added
Accept payments directly into your accounts
Download backup of ads, buyers, and sales
Manage outside sales (FREE)***
Directly promote your store with your inventory
Communicate directly with your buyers
Send a broadcast email to store members
"Login As" any member of your store
View latest sales made by your store
View latest sites added to your store
View earnings and payments (incl. pending)
Broker 3rd party sales****
Set commission charged on 3rd party sales
[Opt] Highly customized, private-label*****
[Opt] Refer "Store" sales for commission
[Opt] Feedback / Rating system

*Never pay more than $49.95/month/domain -regardless of overall income for that domain!
**Choose: Paypal, Publisher Balance (if any: PRO only), Bank Wire, or Check
***Feature to enter an external ad sale (sold directly or through an auction site, for example)
****Reseller allows you to take commission for 3rd party sales in your store!
*****For an additional charge, we can fully private-label your site using your own design

If the following are true about your situation, then a dedicated store is right for you:

- you are already managing ad sales (or strongly expect to soon),
- you want the most advanced management system (i.e. can manage static links on HTML)
- you want to receive payment immediately to your own paypal or merchant account
- you would like a cost effective way to manage all of your sites and sales,
- you would like to significantly reduce your overhead and support,
- you would like to sell text links and/or banners without HIGH commissions,
- you prefer maximum exposure for your sites (or brokered sites) in YOUR inventory,
- you want to fully automate link/banner management, payments, and billing reminders,

Your dedicated store will be accessed via a link such as: OR

Upon request, we will also forward a URL, so you can use your own domain -such as:

With a dedicated store, you can customize what types of ads you'll offer (i.e. static text links, javascript-delivered text links, or javascript-delivered banner ads) and a wide variety of other options via your admin control panel. Our proprietary link management software even manages static text links on HTML pages. So, your link management headache will be over. No software is required for javascript-delivered ads. You simply copy/paste the code into your pages where you want ads displayed.

Q. Can I Private-Label 'Brand' my Dedicated Stores

A. Yes. Your store can be fully integrated with the look-and-feel of your existing website OR we can implement a new design for you. If you have your own template, we will integrate that template for a one-time charge of $150. If you desire a new, unique design based on your specifications; you may purchase our design time at $99 per hour. Ordering customization is done by contacting us AFTER you have ordered.

Q. Why not List my Sites for Free in the free, main Store?

A. You are welcome to list your sites for free in our store, but some of the benefits of having your own dedicated store is that you will receive payment instantly, not have to pay percentage commissions on your own sales, and you will be able to have your inventory dedicated to YOUR sites.

Also note that all of your ads will have double exposure by being listed in our master inventory as well.

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Last Modified: 2007-08-04

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