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All About Text Link Advertising

Text Link advertising is quickly becoming the web's most popular form of advertising, but then again, it IS the oldest already.

Text Link Problems and Bad Stigma

Unfortunately, due to abuse by "text link brokers", "link sellers", and "pagerank sellers"; the industry has lost focus of the true goal ...achieving quality traffic that CONVERTS. We have learned through extensive experience that search engine marketing is a lost cause for most.

Read more about the fears of buying and selling text link ads.

We have other sites which are extremely successful from search engine traffic and earn upwards of $4,500 per month -each. However, the search engine traffic is a side benefit of our other paid advertising -which yields even more quality traffic than from search engines alone.

It is true that some of our sites do receive tens of thousands of visitors per month from search engines and it is true that some of our sites have hundreds of competitive top 10, top 3, and #1 rankings. The problem is that this is an unattainable dream for most webmasters, is cost-prohibitive, or takes a long time to achieve and then rules change -causing them to start over.

The exception is for those catering to niche markets, in some cases.

Creating a New Mindset

We feel that It is infinitely better to buy advertising that -in and of itself- generates quality traffic and also has the secondary benefit of boosting search rankings (in the case of SEO-friendly Text Links).

To achieve our goals, LinkSmile has a lot of work to do.

LinkSmile sellers have the option to offer banners and multiple types of text links. However, sellers in today's market have been conditioned to place link ads at the bottom of pages or in locales that will not yield any benefit except with search engines [SE's] -which is considered spamming.

Then, to complicate things, there are numerous wanna-be link sellers who "claim" they do not sell pagerank --they sell "traffic". So, we find that we are constantly compared to those types of sites which are as transparent as the value of the links they broker.

If you are offering Text Links, we strongly encourage you to stop placing "links at the bottom of pages" and start offering dual-purpose Text Links (i.e. links for true traffic and potential SE benefit - examples).

It is LinkSmile's intention to re-condition webmasters to offer Text Links with more value and then market those high-value spots to buyers who recognize the value in paying for a quality link on a quality site. If you offer premium spots (i.e. above-the-fold), buyers will be happy and keep coming back!

Please keep in mind that a visitor won't leave your site until they're ready to do so. So, having a text link (on the right-hand side above-the-fold, for instance) isn't likely to drain off any traffic that wasn't already planning to leave anyway.

If we can successfully propogate this mindset, everyone can benefit from sellers having more valuable inventory to sell and buyers can find an all-in-one place to buy advertising that supercedes pay-per-click, newsletter marketing, or any other online advertising medium.

Acceptance into the LinkSmile inventory signifies that:

  • The site listed does not employ any search engine spam techniques (manually verified)

  • Text Links have a premium placement for traffic (i.e. above-the-fold and/or high traffic areas, etc)

  • A LinkSmile (human) editor has taken the time to write a short review about the site

  • The site design and content is of reasonably high quality and is not setup just to sell PageRank

In time, this will make "money sense" because these sellers will garner the bulk of the business, repeat business, and justifiably higher link pricing. Buyers will quickly see the difference in paying more for a "LinkSmile Approved" sites' links because their increased sales and bottom-line will justify it.

Let's face it, link popularity is here to stay. However, targeting search engines is a neverending battle and we choose not to play that way. Those that see the big picture, buy/sell quality advertising that generates quality traffic, and offer link popularity benefits on top of that will win the game.

History of Text Links

For years, long-time marketers have been using Text Link ads (paid direct links) as a form of gaining traffic and helping to achieve top search rankings. During the past year, however, several sites have helped to bring it more mainstream and raise awareness about this productive method of advertising.

In fact, it has been a proven fact that people -on average- tend to follow a text link rather than a banner. So, advertising a text link (with good placement) will drive more traffic than a banner normally would.

Example of Text Links (without description):

*Each link would go to a different site.

The best type of Text Link ad is one that is natural and relevant -as in a link in the middle of an article (examples). Our system can handle these types of links, but we recommend that only truly high quality sites be linked to from a publishers site.

In fact, we recommend that if you would not otherwise link to the resource, you should decline the sale. This is our belief because it helps keep the Internet valuable, honest, and uncluttered.

The popularity of paid SEO-friendly Text Link ads has even begun to overshadow use of PPC campaigns (pay-per-click), newsletter marketing, and other previously used methods which have all become largely ineffective or plagued by scams and fraud.

If you have a web site that offers a product or service for sale (or is an affiliate site), you need Text Link ads to help drive quality, relevant, -and most importantly- verifiable traffic to your site. As a huge side benefit, the relevant and quality text links will help increase link popularity and ultimately boost search rankings for relevant terms.

If you have a web site that offers advertising, Text Links can generate quite a bit of revenue from buyers looking for the quality traffic and the SEO boost possible from such links. Using LinkSmile's system can further help your bottom-line by automating the process and eliminating text link maintenance.

So the word about Text Links is spreading quickly, and this form of advertising is a win-win for all.

LinkSmile makes it easy, profitable, and headache-free for both the buyer and the seller.

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Last Modified: 2007-09-15

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